Scientific conference


Methodology of Statistical Research

3-5 July 2019, Warsaw

Scientific conference


Methodology of Statistical Research

3-5 July 2019, Warsaw

Statistics Poland in cooperation with the Polish Statistical Association
launches a series of meetings of experts in Polish and international public statistics, involving representatives of the scientific community, decision-makers and practitioners in management and business, and users of statistical research


Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

• Graham KALTON (USA)

• Danny PFEFFERMANN (Israel)

The conference is dedicated to reviewing innovative approaches and recent developments in methodology of statistical research.

Meeting the challenges faced by public statistics, while using new opportunities due to mounting data from different sources and systematic advancements in analytical methods, will contribute to the enhancement of  the overall quality of statistical research and reliability of the produced data.

Increase in the operational efficiency of each component of the statistical process and timeliness of delivery of information satisfying  diversified needs of users, both official and private, will also serve to the improvements in problem solving and decision making of citizens and institutions in social and economic areas of their activities.

Thematic sessions:

  • mathematical statistics
  • regional statistics
  • population statistics
  • social and economic statistics
  • national statistics and international statistics – internationalization
  • survey sampling and small areas estimation
  • data analysis and classification
  • statistical data issues
  • communication and dissemination of statistical research
  • history of Polish official statistics and statistical methods in historical research

The MET2019 Conference on Methodology of Statistical Research commences a series of scientific conferences, which will be a meeting place for experts in Polish and international official statistics, with representatives of the scientific community, decision-makers and practitioners of management and business, users of statistical research.

The objective of the conference, scheduled speeches and debates, is to search for the most appropriate approaches and research methods in the face of the ever-changing conditions of official statistics functioning. Debates conducted during the conference will be aimed at determining innovative undertakings in the face of challenges and tasks faced by official statistics. Hence, the focus on methodological problems of data generation and analysis processes in representative surveys, complete (censuses) and non-statistical data sources (administrative and new data sources, such as big data). The MET2019 conference also includes discussions on how to improve the communication and dissemination of high quality and reliable research results. The above thematic blocks constitute a preliminary proposal for a session with a suggestion of a flexible interpretation of the fields titles and methodological problems they contain.


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Participation in the conference, after receiving the acceptance of the application, is free.

The organizers do not cover transport and accommodation costs during the Conference.


Instructor: Graham Kalton

2 July 2019, the pre-conference day MET2019.

Statistics Poland/GUS, Al. Niepodległości 208, Room 149

A satellite training workshop will take place on Tuesday, 2 July, the day preceding the MET2019 (Methodology of Statistical Research) conference. The workshop instructor will be Graham Kalton, one of the leading authorities in the field of survey research, author of textbooks and papers on survey sampling and survey methodology.

The day-long program will focus on selected topics often encountered in survey practice―such as designs for surveys over time, methods for dealing with deficiencies in sampling frames, dealing with problems caused by inaccurate measures of size in multistage samples, and future trends in survey research.

This free workshop is addressed primarily to employees in national and local statistical agencies who are interested in the methodology of survey sampling practice.

Scientific Committee

Dominik Rozkrut, President of Statistics Poland

Professor Tadeusz Borys

Professor of the University of Silesia Dariusz Chojecki

Professor Eugeniusz Gatnar

Professor Czesław Domański

Associate Professor of the Poznań University of Economics and Business Elżbieta Golata

Professor Józefa Hrynkiewicz

Professor Krzysztof Jajuga

Professor Irena Kotowska

Professor of the Wrocław University of Economics Małgorzata Markowska

Professor Włodzimierz Okrasa

Professor Tomasz Panek

Professor Józef Pociecha

Professor Andrzej Sokołowski

Professor Mirosław Szreder

Professor Waldemar Tarczyński

Professor Marek Walesiak

Professor Wiesław Jan Wysocki

Professor Janusz Wywiał